Packing doesn’t Involve Panicking

We all love to go on vacation but packing for either weekend or a month-long vacation seems to be source of stress and panic to many people. Chill relax, grab a glass of your favourite beverage and put it all in perspective. With the odd exception: Antarctica, low-earth orbit, you will be able to buy anything you forget to pack when you arrive. Forgetting your 3rd best set of undies or your favourite woolie jersey isn’t a drama. The only things you REALLY must remember to bring are:

  • your passport if travelling overseas
  • any tickets and vouchers you have
  • your drivers licence if you intend to drive or for ID at home
  • your cards and cash

Yeah that’s it, remembering the suntan lotion is a good idea: its not a disaster if you forget though. Taking less is definitely the new more and your back will love you too. Come back soon for more of my vacation packing tips and lists


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