Moving House – it gets Scarier with Age!

I think moving house is a bit like traveling for the over 30s – it becomes a bigger and bigger deal as you get older!

My friend Mary over at the moving house blog is facing the upheaval of moving across country – and its not like she’s actually doing it because she wants to – its because she following her husband across the world!

Is that fair- would you do that! I know how much of a deal it is just to temporarily go travelling and yet still have a base to return to – it must be so much worse if you are moving house for someone else’s reasons!

The issues with relocating tend to increase with the distance that you are travelling to- moving in the same suburb means the kids don’t have to relocate school, moving across town does. Moving inter-state is worse but moving overseas is the worst!

We will probably move country again in the next year or so. We always treated this as a temporary move so it wouldn’t be to much drama as we are in a furnished apartment here, I am still not looking foreward to the packing though!


2 thoughts on “Moving House – it gets Scarier with Age!

  1. Yes true indeed moving out is scary. you will adjust for the new environment and people around you. You will make friends, its hard if you are too shy.. On the other hand, she is lucky cause she traveled around the world which most of the people dreamed of….

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