Would You Travel Uninsured?

Very early in my travelling experiences I had a few items stolen in India. On return home  – months later I tried to claim. I gave up – the forms were incomprehensible – I had the camera details – but it had never been sold in my home country – I’d bought it several years previously in the US – could I please provide a quote from a local camera shop?

I gave up and rarely took out travel insurance again. I found I couldn’t get just health insurance but had to get cover for everything – including unlikely items such as bookings – which I never made.

It seems to be that the industry has not got any better. Now I am looking at from the other side – in 3 years my partner gets expensive. Why? Will his health deterioate and he suddenly be of higher risk of being robbed? Dunno – but according to plenty of travel insurers he will cost them more to insure – go figure!


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