Cheaper to Fly to Bali then Holiday in Western Australia

I have often found living in New Zealand and Australia that its cheaper to fly for hours to get Asia than holiday at home. Its a tough call for the local operators but at the end of the day some of the locals need to get a little more price focussed.

The lcoal newspaper has been running the story – that travelling to that most local of  “overseas island” – Rottnest Island some 20km off Perth’s shoreline is now more expensive than flying to Bali.

Nope its not a con – its true. Looking at dates in May 2010 you can get an Air Asia  flight for $99 one way Perth-Bali and a room in a 3-star hotel for around A$80/night for four people.

In contrast the ferry to Rotto will cost of $211 for four people and then you will b e paying $952 to stay in motel accommodation.

The 7 days in Bali comes in at around A$1200 for a family of four and hundred dollars less for airfare and accommodation in Bali.

In reality the costs in Bali would be even less. Even if you ate out everynight – and who wouldn’t you will pay less for food in Bali than if you do your own catering in Rotto.  On Rotto there is no transport so you will be paying bus fares or hiring bikes to get around. Laundry will of course be self-serve while in Bali you will find someone to do it for you for very little.

In addition you will have the chance of cheap shopping, duty free allowances each way and winter sun – yup I think Bali is the best option for next winter for Perthites looking for a winter break.

Rottnest Ferry at Hilary's Perth
Rottnest Ferry at Hilary's Perth

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