Simpler Travel Between Australia and New Zealand

Today it looks likely that it will become a little easier to travel between Australia and New Zealand – finally – years to late in my opinion- the requirement to pass through immigration, customs and security in both countries will be removed.

Wellington sculpture near Wellington Airport, New Zealand
Wellington sculpture near Wellington Airport, New Zealand

As a New Zealander I have automatic right of entry to Australia , as Australians do to New Zealand but until this change occurs I can still board a plane in Auckland, and have to pass security in Brisbane even if I am just transiting to an international flight!

Is that silly or what? Finally the politicians agree and from as early as early next year it will be possible to fly to Australia or New Zealand as easily as you would a domestic destination Рthough you will still need to take a passport Рthe model is similar to that which operates in parts of  the European community.

Its going to make airfares from popular destinations such as Sydney or Melbourne to Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch a lot cheaper too – $47 will go as the tax for those security details are removed! That will drop the East Coast Australia to New Zealand airfares by as much as 20% because of the outrageous percentage of your “air fare” which is a actually government taxes. You will still have to pay the $25 departure fee ex-New Zealand though it sounds like.

All in all its a long over-due move which will make it easier for the many holidaymakers and immigrants who live on both sides of the Tasman! Hopefully it will start off another round of airfare wars as well!


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