Saving Money on a Long Trip – Less is More!

I recently wrote about saving money on a long trip but one of the most important things to do is to avoid taking too much stuff with you. The lighter you can travel the more money you will save – let me explain!

If you take a large case – you won’t want to carry it far. I don’t care if its the latest beautifully designed backpack or roll-along – if thing weights 20kg – you will take a cab -guaranteed. You will find it hard to get it on and off public transport – thru turnstiles and in general it will be a pain the back and the arm. In Vietnam the standard transfer is by scooter – you on the back the bag between the driver’s legs – would your luggage fit on a scooter with a tiny 40kg diver? If not downsize.

Everyone over packs on their first trip – I remember seriously considering a ball dress on my first trip – seriously 🙂 Fortunately a more experienced friend talked me out of that. I do generally carry a dres up out fit though – just because I am staying at hostel or cheap hotel doesn’t mean that I don’t want to go to a local ball or casino – Seriously!

So what size bag should you take? I say 25-30 litres – carry on size. I used to carry on my bag – but can’t anymore because of liquid restriction. In addition I have a fold away day bag – which I now carry on – and a small purse which will carry my camera and guide book. I have travelled for up to 6 months at a time and yes my clothing takes a battering, falls to pieces and I get bored with wearing the same thing every day – but its not hard to do – and the benefits are enormous.

Its so quick to get out of a hotel room when you don’t have much stuff to pack. Its so easy to keep a bag safe when you carry it on board th bus not have to check it. Its easier to deal with taxis when you can take your bag with you, inside the cab not have it in the boot.Save your back and and save money on your next trip – and take very little with you!

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