7 Reasons A Long Vacation is Good for Your Health

I’ve already talked about how a long trip can save you money. Here’s another take on it.

We all need a vacation from time to time. While you may think that you just need some down time, a long vacation can actually be good for your health. Let’s take a look at how a long vacation can help with your mental and physical well being.

Relaxing is good for you!

1. Helps to Reduce Stress: As stress is the root cause of so many of our physical and mental ailments, anything that helps to reduce stress is good for us. Long vacations allow us to clear our heads and escape the very things that are stressing us out. So this is good for every aspect of our health and well being imaginable!

2. You Tend to Get More Sleep: Most of us run around with too much to do and too little time, so a long vacation forces us to slow down. One of the biggest health benefits that comes about from this is that we actually get a good night of sleep. Sleep is good for our health and helps our bodies to function at their optimal state, so this is an excellent and very enjoyable benefit from a long vacation.

3. Helps to Lower Blood Pressure: As we experience stress and anxiety in our daily lives, this can cause our blood pressure to spike. A long vacation away not only helps us to relax, but it can bring our blood pressure back to a normal and healthy range. This is important for good health so it’s an excellent benefit!

4. You Are Far Less Likely to Get Sick: When you actually take the time to rest and relax, this is good for your health and can even help to boost your immune system. As your body winds down and takes in all the benefits you gain from extra sleep and relaxation, you reap the rewards by warding off illness. When you are run down and exhausted, and even running on empty you are far more likely to get sick.

5. You’re Eating Good Food: Though the health benefits may be a bit more indirect, you are actually more likely to eat a couple of solid meals a day. When we’re busy and on the go constantly we tend to shove food in and oftentimes skip meals in the interest of time. When you’re on a long vacation, you may not only get in actual meals but may fill them with varieties that are good for you such as fresh fruits and vegetables. These in and of themselves provide health benefits through their nutrients, and this is all good for your health.

6. You Are Getting Exercise: Whether you are swimming in the ocean, hitting the hotel gym, or walking around for sightseeing, you are likely to get in some level of exercise. This gets your heart pumping and burns off some of the calories that you may have stuffed yourself. More importantly it works towards better health and that’s good for you in every sense.

7. You Get to Bond with Your Loved Ones: This may not seem like an actual health benefit, but when you’re happy you’re healthy. The pleasure you get through bonding with your loved ones is along the same lines as the relaxation you get from putting your stress behind you. This helps your mental health and that contributes to your physical well being in the process.

As if you needed a reason to get away, we’ve provided several that prove a long vacation is good for your health. If you want to get some time away, escape the stress of everyday life, and actually improve your health in the process, we’ve given you the perfect ways to do just that.

This was a guest post by Mary Frederick blogs about how to choose the ultrasound tech school for you.


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