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Australia the Movie

Baz Luhrman’s new movie “Australia” is being used by the Tourism Australia to encourage visitors to the land down under.  The Tourism marketing board will be spending millions on a campagin which will feature Australian landscapes from filming locations in the Kimberleys and Darwin as well as Sydney.  However early pics seem to be focusing more on Nicole Kidman – more info on Australia Movie here !

Kidman and Jackman, Australia
Kidman and Jackman, Australia

Moving to Australia – the dream?

Although most people are content to travel and then return home at the end of their vacation: others dream of making a permanent move abroad. Typically those from colder climates dream of moving somewhere warm. The Brits particularly flock to Spain and France or further afield to Australia.

Bells Gorge, WA
Bells Gorge, WA

Australia is a country built on emigration and fast-growing states such as Western Australia are full of immigrants: in fact the percentage of WA born locals is down to less than 45% in Perth. Are you considering a move to Australia – Read more about moving to Australia here

Italy Travel: Venice is My Favorite Italian City

Venice is special: to be honest a little disappointed in Rome and Florence: it was all so noisy and frantic. You cant wonder the streets and expect to survive – the traffic is crazy. Loose concentration for an instant and you will fail to dodge the crazy moto (scooter) on the footpath – and trying to cross the road is a nerve-racking near-death experience.

Venice is different – its quiet – the gondolas and even the larger boats don’t make nearly as much noise And more importantly they stay on the water -you really can wonder around and forget to look where you are going and not die – oh just watch out for the water’s edge! For more information of Italy check out my knol on Italy Travel Information Tips and Advice