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Unusual Hotels in Sweden

So far I have found two unusual hostels in Sweden. The first I stayed at nearly 20 years ago – the af Chapman sailing boat in central Stockholm – budget price for a perfect location on water opposite the old town.

The Jumbo Hostel is a newer hostel – a converted 747 at the airport which has just opened as a private hostel. The Jumbo Hostel is not as cheap as the central IYHA af Chapman – but you always pay more for airport acocmmoodation right?

Flight Deck Room, Jumbo Hostel,  Stockholm
Flight Deck Room, Jumbo Hostel, Stockholm

Italy Travel: Venice is My Favorite Italian City

Venice is special: to be honest a little disappointed in Rome and Florence: it was all so noisy and frantic. You cant wonder the streets and expect to survive – the traffic is crazy. Loose concentration for an instant and you will fail to dodge the crazy moto (scooter) on the footpath – and trying to cross the road is a nerve-racking near-death experience.

Venice is different – its quiet – the gondolas and even the larger boats don’t make nearly as much noise And more importantly they stay on the water -you really can wonder around and forget to look where you are going and not die – oh just watch out for the water’s edge! For more information of Italy check out my knol on Italy Travel Information Tips and Advice

Paris: Romantic Luxury Hotels

Paris: the most romantic city on earth? Maybe – in my view there are few other contenders but Paris certainly has a lot going for it. Along with London its probably one of the most walkable cities in Europe: the whole central city is designed to walk, and you can always hop on the metro when you get tired of that. Or stop in a wonderful patisserie for a coffee or wine.

Paris also has some of the best luxury hotels in Europe. Names such as the Plaza Athenee or the Hotel le Bristol and well-known in certain circles. Even if you can’t afford a luxury Paris hotel you can always stop by a luxury Parisian hotel lobby and check out the scene: cocktails start at around the Euro20 mark.

krfulton via flickr
photo: krfulton via flickr