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Cancun, Mexico – Well-Connected Hotels

Cancun was one of those strange “not of the country” places. You know what I mean is Cairns, Queensland feels like Japan, most of the Costa del Sol feels like Brighton, Bali is a little piece of Queensland.

I got to Cancun in the late 1980’s- from the US. But unlike most of the American tourists there – I travelled overland – all the way from San Diego via Baha California and down the length of Mexico.  By the time I got to southern Mexico my Spanish had improved quite a lot from the surivival mode and I was quite competent at “una mas cervesa por favor”  level of Spanish. I was used to staying at small local hotels, taking local buses and drinking and eating in comfortable tavernas usually on the town square.

And then I got to Cancun.

Wall-to-wall huge Hotels, Americans, English spoken everywhere, prices 10times what they were in the rest of Mexico, and sometimes even quoted in US$ instead of Mexican pesos!

It doesn’t look like anything much has changed in Cancun – though the hotels seem to have got bigger.

This video was really shot on location in Cancun – not by me – by a friend – Allyn – over at – funny particularly if you follow Darren Rowse!