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Cancun, Mexico – Well-Connected Hotels

Cancun was one of those strange “not of the country” places. You know what I mean is Cairns, Queensland feels like Japan, most of the Costa del Sol feels like Brighton, Bali is a little piece of Queensland.

I got to Cancun in the late 1980’s- from the US. But unlike most of the American tourists there – I travelled overland – all the way from San Diego via Baha California and down the length of Mexico.  By the time I got to southern Mexico my Spanish had improved quite a lot from the surivival mode and I was quite competent at “una mas cervesa por favor”  level of Spanish. I was used to staying at small local hotels, taking local buses and drinking and eating in comfortable tavernas usually on the town square.

And then I got to Cancun.

Wall-to-wall huge Hotels, Americans, English spoken everywhere, prices 10times what they were in the rest of Mexico, and sometimes even quoted in US$ instead of Mexican pesos!

It doesn’t look like anything much has changed in Cancun – though the hotels seem to have got bigger.

This video was really shot on location in Cancun – not by me – by a friend – Allyn – over at – funny particularly if you follow Darren Rowse!


Swine Flu Should Help The Mexico Travel Deals

Geeze did you ever hear such a lot of talk about nothing? Not since the millenium bug have we had so much angst about a disaster which has, quite frankly, failed to materialise.

I am of course talking about swine flu. Well I think its time to turn it around and see it as a travel opportunity – obviously anywhere in Mexico is looking lieka very good deal at the moment -I’ve always had a soft spot for Manzanillo where it sounds like they are doing just fine. Lets face it most tourists don’t go to Mexico to stay in dirt poor villages or even Mexico City – instead they go for the beaches of Baja or the culture nad beaches of the Yucatan.

I’d say only stay away from Mexico long enough to get a great travel deal!